Why Benzer?

Benzer Pharmacy is the one and only franchise choice for independent owners. Benzer is run by independent owners for independent owners. With a proven track record, consolidated services, nationally recognized branding and low cost of operation, you're no longer alone. Join the fastest growing pharmacy franchise in the USA and get the support you need today.
It takes exceptional - consistent- service to keep customers coming back and making positive referrals. That's the secret of our success. With more than 10 years of experience providing excellent pharmacy service, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism and reliability that customers expect, in a comfortable environment.
When you go into business for yourself, you need lots of help and at Benzer you are in the business by yourself but you are never by yourself. As pharmacy is highly regulated industry, having the support of an experienced franchisor behind you will help you navigate the regulations and avoid any pitfalls.
Active families prefer to have a pharmacy they can count on, and not change pharmacies frequently. For Benzer franchisees, brand recognition and a great customer experience mean more customer conversions and lower turnover rates, which helps maintain a predictable cash flow.
Our common goal is to really set us apart in the industry by providing support and service every step of the way.
From day one you will work with our dedicated sales and management team, whose job is to help you make the most out of your investment. You and your employees will receive the outstanding trainings and support. Combine that with Benzer services you will be able to deliver the consumer the amazing pharmacy experience.
  • BRANDING: Brings awareness and opportunities by unifying Independent Pharmacies under one strong name.
  • COST OF GOODS: Reducing your costs means more money for your bottom line. CLICK HERE to find out how Benzer Franchise can help you save money on your purchases.
  • ADMIN SUPPORT & RESOURCES: In house expertise to provide assistance such as HR, Marketing , Accounting, Pharmacy operations, and many more.
  • TRAINING: Provide the latest training to all your staff to ensure the best customer service.
  • SPECIALITY MEDICATIONS: The ability to procure hard to find speciality medications through Benzer.

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