Find Out What Makes You Stand Out: Three Questions for Independent Pharmacists on the Mainline

Find Out What Makes You Stand Out: Three Questions for Independent Pharmacists on the Mainline New customers are the lifeblood of any business. It’s a statement that’s as true for the local car dealership as it is for the neighborhood independent pharmacy, but those in the latter category know that bringing in more foot traffic isRead More

Better Over-The-Counter (OTC) Sales Strategies from the Ground Up

Given the hours, the pressures, and the financial stresses of running an independent pharmacy, it might seem far-fetched to hear the opinion that store owners are “sitting on a goldmine.” Admittedly, the notion of striking it rich in the pharmacy business may be overstated, but the idea of tapping into underutilized or even undiscovered revenueRead More

OTC sales strategies

Five ‘Make or Break’ Suggestions For A Better Independent Pharmacy Business

Every independent pharmacy plays an important purpose. Namely, by supporting the overall health and well-being of its customers and community at large. And yet, without the requisite profits to drive success over time, many face substantial challenges in just keeping the doors open. Much less, fulfilling the “higher calling” that’s of equal concern. Independent Pharmacy businessRead More

Benzer Pharmacy Makes Good Business: Why ‘Joining In’ is Better than ‘Giving In’ for Independent Pharmacies

The local, family-owned drug store has been a fixture in towns and cities—large, small and in between—since the very beginning of incorporated records. If you’re among those who enjoy a slice of Americana, there’s always been an unmistakable charm about old drug store signs jutting out from brick exteriors. In today’s world, everything is beingRead More

Benzer Pharmacy Franchise’s Winning Approach to Customer Service

To any independent pharmacy, or business for that matter, customer service is no game. And yet, it can still be thought of as a contest. The winners understand that doing the right things—in the right order—is how to ensure positive outcomes across the board. For example, Benzer Pharmacy is focused on spreading the importance of independentRead More

How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Reasons why joining Benzer Pharmacy Franchise will help you gain more profit and grow store count   Benzer Pharmacy accomplishes the pharmacy franchise business goals in one step through their franchise model, for a nominal fee. Increased purchasing power along with the reduction of cost of goods and expenses. As a franchise owner, your costRead More

How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise