Process Overview

Our goal is to ensure your success


Application process

As you express interest and complete the initial application, we will invite you to the corporate visit or set up a call for company presentation and Q&A. The next step in the application process would be:

  • FDD Package Review (May be up to a 14-day Wait)
  • Conduct Background Check
  • Sign and Submit Franchise Agreement
  • Financial Assistance (For New Start-Up Store)


We will guide you to qualified candidates that will help you run your business efficiently. Our Human resource department will assist you with

  • Creating a recruiting plan with an HR Director
  • Finalizing Manager’s Expectations Manual
  • Learning about the hiring process
  • Scheduling interviews for qualified managers and pharmacists

Build Out

Benzer’s development team provides support unrivaled in the industry by personally guiding you through the entire process.

  • Work with our vast network of experienced and approved vendors, architects, and general contractors to make your build out process seamless. Get requirements for interior and exterior equipment, and flooring and signage for the pharmacy design.
  • We will Contact City Building Department (Planning and Zoning) and submit signed copies of plans to the city.
  • Build out is estimated to take up to 90 days for completion.


Our contracting team will support you with the entire application process of the required contracts:

  • Applications for PSAO contracts
  • Application for non-PSAO contracts
  • Credentialing & Recredentialing
  • Accreditation (ACHC, Urac etc.)
  • Reimbursements


We will guide you and help fill licenses on your behalf, including:

  • State Board of Pharmacy
    • Research on individual state requirement
    • Help with the application process
    • Follow up with the board
  • DEA
    • Guide you through the application
    • Walk through the application process
    • Complete necessary documents for you
  • Other permits
    • Guide you with the other state required licenses

Site Selection

From finding locations to lease negotiations, Benzer Franchise will provide a key turn solution and assist you in every way possible.

  • Real Estate:
    • Coordinate with Real Estate Specialist to help you select perfect location with in-depth demographics and Rx counts analysis
    • Get assistance from Benzer with creating your Letter of Intent (LOI) for securing your ideal site
    • We will assist in negotiating your lease with landlords/property managers
  • Licenses and permits:
    • After securing a site, apply for required licenses and permit to begin with construction process and the operation of your pharmacy.
      • State Board of Pharmacy
      • Drug Enforcement Administration
      • Build our Permits


We will find the right wholesaler for your inventory needs and complete the application and follow-up, if needed.

Whether you have a new start-up business, are converting an established pharmacy, or are acquiring an existing pharmacy, we are here to help. This joint solution will not only increase brand recognition, but first and foremost decrease your cost of goods and increase Benzer’s joint purchasing power. The result will be cheaper rates, greater margins, and more profitability.

New start up

  • Minimum requirement of $160,000 in total liquid assets
  • Help with Site Selection
  • Help you with finding a site
  • Negotiating rent and lease.


  • Easy 30 day process
  • Change the name of your pharmacy to Benzer


  • Help closing the deal
  • Licensing
  • Signage
  • Full team support