Members Benefits

We ensure your pharmacy's success


Operational Support

At Benzer Pharmacy Franchise, our focus remains consistent for all of our partners: We strive to help continually improve the quality, experience, and profitability of each franchisee. To do so, we dedicate a franchise business consultant to each of our partners to construct regular pharmacy visits with analysis, teach admirable coaching skills, and assistance in meeting key objectives and achieving results.

Real Estate and Build Out

From site selection and construction to maintenance and launch, Benzer has an experienced team to assist you in opening your pharmacy and obtaining prevalence within your region. Our real estate team will work with you to find the ideal location within your market, as well as negotiate initial and renewal lease agreements. By continually running analytics on our top performing stores, our partners remain on track for optimal success.


By collaborating our human resources and compliance department with our franchise business consultants, we’ve formed a blended learning program that focuses on providing you with the information needed to successfully operate your pharmacy.


In such an industry, the prescription count can constitute for a significant portion of a pharmacy’s revenue. Benzer franchisees can benefit from a group purchasing power with significant discount prices from wholesalers.

Merchandising Support gives Benzer franchisees the essential tools for optimizing displays and streamlining product ordering. This ultimately leads to prescription sales and increased pharmacy revenue that is reflected on the bottom line.


Benzer Pharmacy provides marketing tips, guidelines, branded promotional material, and consultations with partners regarding marketing initiatives. We believe that the key to strong sales is the combination of an effective marketing plan with a strong digital marketing strategy. While our campaigns are crafted for each individual pharmacy, most plans include:

  • Digital display advertising on social media platforms
  • Print advertising in local and regional publications
  • Online press releases
  • Storefront signage
  • Promotional materials
  • Direct mailings to current and prospective customers
  • Online listing and review management
  • Email marketing campaign consultation
  • Physician outreach
  • Local Sponsorships
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile advertisements


Since we truly understand the value of maintaining a financial health pharmacy, we provide comprehensive support to all Benzer franchisees. By offering assistance throughout our partnership in the following areas, Benzer is an ideal opportunity for both experienced pharmacy operators as well as first-timers:

  • QuickBooks and general ledger setup
  • Finding the best long term financing and working capital for your business
  • Performing a break-even analysis on revenue
  • Payroll assistance
  • Budgeting and goal setting
  • Sales and inventory analysis

From securing start-up financing to helping franchisees set and meet their financial goals, our Finance Department is committed to your success every step of the way.