Better Over-The-Counter (OTC) Sales Strategies from the Ground Up

Given the hours, the pressures, and the financial stresses of running an independent pharmacy, it might seem far-fetched to hear the opinion that store owners are “sitting on a goldmine.” Admittedly, the notion of striking it rich in the pharmacy business may be overstated, but the idea of tapping into underutilized or even undiscovered revenueRead More

OTC sales strategies

Advancing Your Pharmacy’s Success In An Ever-Changing Market

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly altering as new methods develop, namely the customer-centric model. The product-centric model, a way of the past, emphasizes the value of each product, virtually leaving the consumer out of the equation. Contrastly, customer-centricity returns the center of business to the customer. The customer-centric model aims to maximize the customer’s experience throughoutRead More

customer-centricity, a secret of Pharmacy's success

How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Reasons why joining Benzer Pharmacy Franchise will help you gain more profit and grow store count   Benzer Pharmacy accomplishes the pharmacy franchise business goals in one step through their franchise model, for a nominal fee. Increased purchasing power along with the reduction of cost of goods and expenses. As a franchise owner, your costRead More

How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Should You Switch to an Independent Retail Pharmacy?

Even though there are several big national chain of pharmacies out there you can reach, it is essential that you take the time and think of the benefits deriving from using a local independent retail pharmacy.

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