Benzer Purchasing Solutions


Benzer Purchasing Solution

With Benzer Franchise, your success is OUR success!

Benzer Purchasing Solution is formed with the sole purpose of combining the purchasing power of independent pharmacies. Purchasing Groups can benefit from Benzer’s strategic alliance with wholesalers as we help to reduce your cost of goods across the board. By diminishing your annual COGS by up to 5.4%, you will increase your profit margins and net revenue for the year and ultimately maximize your bottom line. With no minimum purchase and a hassle-free membership, you can benefit from your profit as we handle all the paperwork. Achieving your financial goal is now viable with Benzer’s Group Purchasing Solutions.

  • Low Cost of Goods
  • Short-Term Contracts
  • Higher Revenue Growth
  • No Volume Restrictions
  • Hassle-Free Membership

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