About Benzer Franchise


About Benzer Franchise

Benzer Pharmacy is a chain of independent retail pharmacies that focus on community relationships and healthcare with locations across the United States. Benzer Pharmacy established the Benzer Pharmacy Franchise opportunity with the mission to unite the wealth of knowledge of pharmacists and pharmacy professionals. We provide our franchisees with the expertise required to surpass the standard of patient relationships and experiences. With Benzer Pharmacy Franchise, our mission is to help your company grow, expand, and succeed.



Uniting Healthcare Professionals For Independent Growth


Be The Best Healthcare Provider For The Families We Serve


Why Benzer?

At Benzer, we take pride in our consistent and exceptional services. For only $800/month, Benzer Pharmacy Franchise offers the proper support and resources for your independent retail pharmacy to succeed. By focusing on community and clinical services, Benzer assists stores with their branding, building growth strategy, reducing the cost of goods, and on-the-job training.

Cost of Goods

While many average pharmacies struggle with their cost of goods, joining the Benzer Franchise can be exceptionally beneficial. With no minimum purchase and only a two-year contract agreement, our Group Purchasing Power will help you reduce your annual costs of goods by up to 5%. Your reduced cost of goods will help to increase your profit margins and your net revenue for the year, putting more money in your pocket. Enjoy COGS based on all Benzer Pharmacies and watch as your business transcends your financial goals.

Growth Strategy

As an independent pharmacy owner, YOU are an entrepreneur! At Benzer Pharmacy, we recognize the importance of your business growth and make it our mission to help guide you to your full potential. From ample experience from working with independent pharmacy owners in arranging operations for multiple franchise locations, we will provide you with the resources necessary to grow your business


By providing your staff with the latest training methods and techniques, we ensure that your pharmacy will have the resources needed for the highest quality customer service and operational consistency.


Uniting independent pharmacies under Benzer Pharmacy will enhance awareness, opportunities, and online visibility. Our relationship will increase leverage and create a powerful voice within the industry.

Admin Support and resources

We provide access to over 100 professionals upon request with assistance to:

  • Human Resources
  • In-store Marketing and Digital Marketing Support
  • 340B
  • Inventory Management
  • Insurance and Contracting
  • Establishing Vendor Relations and Customer Retention
  • Legal Advice – Real Estate/Lease Negotiation and Terms, Letter of Intent, Reviews, etc.
  • Audit Assistant
  • Acquisitions and more.