Marketing Team provides marketing tips, guidelines, promotional material and helps you understand and use local and systemwide marketing efforts to grow your pharmacy business.



The key to driving strong lifetime sales is a strong marketing plan that starts before a pharmacy opens its doors. With current competition in healthcare market, Benzer helps franchisees,by sharing marketing knowledge and experience to help them survive the competitive market and run their business successfully.

  • Whether it's in a new or existing market
  • Presence of competition
  • Traffic patterns
  • Location relative to existing pharmacies
  • Signage zoning restrictions
  • Staffing levels
While each campaign is crafted for a particular pharmacy, most plans include a combination of:
  • Digital display advertising
  • Print advertising in local and regional publications
  • Storefront signage
  • Promotional materials
  • Direct mailings to current and prospective customers
  • "Out-of-home" (out of the pharmacy) advertising
  • Physician outreach
Each Benzer Pharmacy also gets its own web recognition and marketing plan.


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