The Benzer franchise combines the simple infrastructure of a traditional Pharmacy with the operational prowess of our franchise system. Benzer will help franchisees to plan, control and increase sales at every opportunity throughout your business.

  • Manager-run

    Your pharmacy will be run by an experienced full-time manager, which makes franchise owner's presence kept to a minimum as you establish your first pharmacy and also to open new locations in the future.

  • Predictable Workflow

    As Benzer Pharmacy operates with proven and efficient system, the store runs with greater predictability compared to most other independent pharmacies, which allows your staff to serve more customers per day. This standardization also makes training, quality, assessment and continuous improvement significantly simpler.

  • Regular hours:

    Benzer Pharmacy operates during normal retail business hours. This allows you to maintain balance in both your work & personal life.




9 am -6 pm




10 am-2 pm





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