Benzer Pharmacy is actively revolutionizing its conversion opportunity in order to capitalize on success and economic development in the pharmacy industry. The retail pharmacy chain is inviting independent pharmacies to convert their brand to Benzer Pharmacy. Independent pharmacies need a common identity and platform to leverage their collective strength. To thrive in this industry, pharmacy owners need to collaborate under one unique yet

individual brand. Benzer Pharmacy conversion opportunity has been well thought out, thoroughly researched and


With years of experience, converting to a Benzer Pharmacy is the key to:

  • Brand recognition
  • Group purchasing power & combined cost of goods (supplies, utilities, vials, labels)
  • Pre-designed marketing materials

Timing is key and today’s market condition is perfect for re-branding. With margins likely to reduce and the reimbursement time-frames extended with independent pharmacies, it may be time to consider re-branding.

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